Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Mader News, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and timely information to its retailer and publisher clients. We are committed to enhancing our reputation as the industry leader in the time sensitive distribution of business, entertainment, news, and sports periodicals in Southern California.

Publishers participate in distribution planning and will acknowledge our staff to be knowledgeable, skilled & professional. We recognize that without their product Mader News would cease to exist.

Our customers are both the publishers and the retailers. Mader News is diligent in constantly updating and managing its product mix (e.g. print and/or electronic media) to meet the ever-changing demands of the "reader."

Communication and timely information is what sets Mader News apart from its competition and are the two most important resources which allow Mader News to survive and grow our business profitably.

Staff members accept themselves as customer advocates and empowered members of the Mader News team. Mader News provides its associates an environment that is conducive to their growth and well being. Mader News always conducts its business with total integrity.

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